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please boost this. mental health matters. 


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I’m gonna cover myself in the ashes of you, and nobody is gonna give a damn.


The reality of falling flat on one’s face this often is a callousing.


Wow. Just got this message on linked in.

“Hey, did we do MDMA together, in like 2001?”

We did. We did indeed.

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mastodon people: join fedi theres no character limit
mastodon people also: did you just write an essay in my reply lol. that is stupid. if it dont fit in a tweet i wont read
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I’ve been hearing this whole “the kids will save us” line since I was a child myself. In the 1980s.

What that line means is “I can’t be bothered to lift a finger, so I’ll make someone else take the responsibility”.

I'm 39 years old. If the people who had said that about my generation as children had decided to actually do something about either climate change or white supremacy, imagine where we’d be by now.

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@jack nobody who ever told me this as a child ever lifted a finger to do anything helpful even though all of them had a fuckton of privilege and resources they could have applied to the problem if it was at all sincere.

in reality it's an excuse to wash their hands of responsibility, as though older generations have any right to delegate the work they refused

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The whole "the youth will save us" is a horrible meme liberals cling to

that kind of rhetoric has always made me sick to my stomach

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One time out of nowhere dirt looked me right in the eyes and was like "I feel like youre the kind of person who does not like Alfredo sauce on pasta" and Ive never felt so much like someone stared right into my stupid soul

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The thing that people get wrong about the robot apocalypse:

When the robots kill us all, it won’t be because they somehow become sentient murderers

It’ll be because they are ordered to kill by the rich people who built them

...also, this is literally already happening

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