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please boost this. mental health matters. 

Kiss me once
Kiss me twice.
Kiss me deadly.

Those living for the moment often have a unique clarity, almost a purity, of spirit.

I think I’ll go for a walk.
I feel a little unsteady.
Don’t want no one to follow me
Except maybe you.
I could make you happy.
If you weren’t already.
I could do a lot of things
And I do.

So fuck you
And your untouchable face
Fuck you
For existing in the first place.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can’t I?

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The denial is strong. It doesn't matter how much evidence you show some people that industrial agriculture is unsustainable, produces poor quality food-like products, poisons and kills soil biota and pollinators, contributes to climate change, *and* causes more food waste and shortages than it fixes. They are determined to believe that corporate and industrial = science, and the distributed ownership and regenerative methods of systems like permaculture = anti-science:

I love it when she wears the ballgag around her neck like a necklace.

Do you have a sibling that I might find more bearable?


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a reminder that the amazon forest has been on fire for 3 weeks now and because of the lack of media coverage people don’t know about it. this is one of most important ecosystems on earth

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Crabby feels like the collective mood lately.

It’s just so weird. Videos where not a word is said over 1-2 hours.

sexual content 

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In neuroscience, brain states are sometimes modeled using "attractor networks," a type of network that settles into a stable pattern without any external input. If such networks are present in the brain, it implies that neurons can fire in stable, sustained patterns in the absence of any new memories or sensory input. The brain could indefinitely maintain a specific firing pattern without any external stabilization of the pattern as long as there's a steady source of fuel and oxygen.

There’s no reason to fear Infusion. It’s simple and pleasant.

However, if that is what is holding you back, I can tell you that a push injection ( like a flu shot ) seems like a perfectly acceptable method of administration.

Small needle, barely felt. The ketamine causes a brief pain as injected. After that, it’s kick back with the noise canceling headphones and enjoy the ride.

Home from treatment. Ketamine is a very different feeling administered IM.

I had a wonderfully positive experience, as usual.

But it peaks so much faster than infusion.

It goes up, then chills off, then peaks. The peak doesn’t last too long, before it falls off to a pleasant semi-intoxication.

Everything happens very naturally and very gently.

My doctor says that younger people are scared of the whole IV infusion process.

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The greatest grift the privileged ever ran was convincing everybody that "Anarchy" was another word for "Chaos", and not an ideology based in the dismantling of hierarchy to be replaced with a system founded in equity. It’s almost like a small albeit powerful group of ppl´s privilege and influence depends on a strict pecking order they’d do literally anything to maintain :blobcatglaredrink: . Almost :TDR: :TDR: :TDR: .

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